BOBBLE HEADS KIOSKS: This one is not just for the kids but the kid in us all. At Miller Park near Bernie's Clubhouse, baseball fans have the opportunity to immortalize themselves as a digital bobble head. Two user-friendly self serve kiosks stand ready and available from the time doors open to the bottom of the 8th inning. Consumers enter their information, sign the digital waiver, choose their bobble head form and snap a picture from the mounted camera. The animated GIF is then displayed for all to see as well as share via email, Facebook and Twitter. Jay Marketing has created an entire area where kids can play for free and their parents can interact with US Cellular reps to learn about their products all while not missing a beat at Miller Park.

BURST TO FIRST: US Cellular along with Jay Marketing wanted an interesting way to showcase the newest Samsung devices and it's coolest features. At Miller Park as part of Bernie's Clubhouse kids can test their speed at the Burst to First Challenge. Utilizing the Note 10.1, Note 2, the Galaxy III and it's photoburst capability we created a custom application process to capture the entire thing and allow instant viewing and sharing capabilities at one of two free standing kiosks. Kids (and their parents) love seeing themselves up on the display screen as part of the "line-up" as well as the proof of their burst to first.